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-- fellix13 написал 6 декабря 2018 18:04
Competitive Intelligence Through UK Eyes (2004)

Competitive Intelligence in the United Kingdom is steadily growing, yet the extent to which the country’s practitioners either understand or appreciate the full extent to which CI can improve their strategic decision making and business performance is debatable. By the uninitiated, CI in the UK is, at best, mistaken for market research, and at worst, referred to as spying. In this article, the authors present the UK situation, which has been determined through empirical research with practitioners, industry specialists, and consultants. Training course attendance alone confirms that there are at least 16,500 interested managers in the country. A conservative estimate based on the notion that each manager who has received formal training in CI, has told at least one other member in their workplace would double that figure to 33,000. The overwhelming conclusion is that CI is not only present in the UK but it is a vibrant, creative, exciting, and growing community.


-- fellix13 написал 6 декабря 2018 18:13
Competitive Intelligence in Austria: An empirical study (2008)

n today’s strongly competitive free market economies, in order to succeed, it has become extremely important for a company to know its competitors. An increasingly popular company practice that steps in here, by helping monitor the competitive environment of a company, is Competitive Intelligence (CI). CI seems to be especially popular in the USA and in big Asian and European economies such as China, Japan, France and Germany. While country-specific CI studies investigating the CI practices in the aforementioned countries are currently rather extensively available, hardly any literature regarding such activities in less CI-sophisticated countries exists. This diploma thesis attempts to address this gap in the existing literature by studying the CI practices within the companies of a small European country, namely Austria. This is done by (a) developing a definition of CI based on a comprehensive literature review and (b) conducting an explorative research on CI, carried out in 15 Austrian companies.


-- fellix13 написал 6 декабря 2018 18:15
The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence in China (1980 - 2010)

Following landmark events during different historic periods, this paper divides the evolution of competitive intelligence (CI) in China into three main stages: CI introduction, CI localization and CI self-conscious marketization. Studies of CI developments are made based on five main aspects of the overall CI industry in China, including their historical skeleton of development, achievements and problems identified. Finally a forecast for the future development of CI in China is presented.


-- fellix13 написал 6 декабря 2018 18:18
Strategic Management Model with Lens of Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence: A Review Approach (2017)

First purpose of this study is to discuss the synergic and separate use of knowledge and intelligence, via knowledge management and competitive intelligence, in each stage of strategic management process. Second purpose is to discuss the implications of each stage of strategic management process for knowledge management and competitive intelligence and vice versa.


-- fellix13 написал 14 декабря 2018 12:23
The Problematic Of Competitive Intelligence: How To Evaluate& Develop Competitive Intelligence? (2011)

Abstract. The purpose of the study is to investigate the literature and applications in business world about the competitive intelligence, and especially evaluating and developing competitive intelligence. For this reason a wide literature review will be done in paper. The study continues as fallows. First of all, a brief literature review regarding competitive intelligence as mentioned in literature will be given. By doing that literal view of theorists will be given to readers. Next, the samples of competitive intelligence applications will be presented in study. So that the application models will be shown to readers. Finally, comparison between the literature and applications will be done and the results of comparison will be given as conclusion.


-- fellix13 написал 14 декабря 2018 12:25
The persistence of a stigmatised practice: a study of competitive intelligence (2016)

Studies on the diffusion of practices provide valuable insights into how organisations adopt, adapt, sustain and abandon practices over time. However, few studies focus on how stigmatised practices diffuse and persist, even when they risk tainting the adopters. To address this issue and understand how firms manage stigmatized practices, we study U.S. organisations associated with the practice of competitive intelligence (CI) between 1985 and 2012. CI includes legitimate information gathering practices that are sometimes also associated with infringements and espionage. Our findings suggest that CI became highly diffused and persisted despite the risk of stigmatising its adopters. We identified three factors to explain CI’s persistence: 1) keeping it opaque to avoid the negative effects of stigmatisation, 2) “constructing” usefulness to justify its ongoing use by leveraging accepted beliefs and invoking fear of unilateral abandonment and 3) adapting it by developing multiple versions to increase its zone of acceptability. These three factors contribute to practice persistence by allowing firms to dilute the potential stigma from use of the practice. Our contribution lies in explaining the adoption, diffusion and ongoing use of a stigmatised practice whose benefits cannot be overtly acknowledged nor made public.


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